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Old £10 notes - WHAT could a tenner buy you?

27th February 2018

WHAT could a tenner buy you?

Well, not much at all after next Thursday (1 March 2018)…if it happens to be one of the old paper £10 notes.

Amazingly, it’s nearly 18 years since the notes featuring Charles Darwin – best known for his ‘theory of evolution’ – were first issued in 2000.

But at 11.59pm on 1 March, the Bank of England is withdrawing legal tender status of the ‘Darwin’ notes, following last September’s launch of the new polymer £10 note featuring English author Jane Austen.

That means they’ll no longer be accepted ‘over the counter’ as payment for goods and services (some shops may already be refusing to take them!).

So, it’s really a case of ‘use ’em or lose ’em’… and if you find you still have at least one of the old ‘Darwins’ in your wallet or bag…well, why not use it as an excuse to treat yourself?

The cost of living has obviously gone up a lot since 2000 – but £10 would still buy you a decent cup of coffee and a sandwich…or a good book…maybe a ticket to see the latest hit movie; or what about your favourite band’s/singer’s new CD?

Or you and a friend/partner could simply raise a glass (or two) in fond farewell to old Darwin at your local…   

And if you suspect you may already have lost the odd paper tenner, perhaps now is the time to have a good rummage round and an early spring clean, to see just how many you can find. You might be pleasantly surprised…

We will continue in the short term to take deposits of the old paper tenners from our own customers after next Thursday.

But people can also take their old £10 notes to the Post Office, which is still accepting account deposits of the old ‘round pounds’ and old paper Bank of England fivers.


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