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Helping people save for all occasions Our range of competitive products are simple, easy to understand and have no gimmicks

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At Leek United we understand that all our members are unique and have different needs when it comes to saving.  This is why our range of competitive products are simple, easy to understand and have no gimmicks such as introductory bonuses, which are withdrawn after a short period of time and could leave you on a low rate of interest in the future. 

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Useful information

Useful information about our savings accounts, including interest rates, fees and charges and how to open an account.

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Help & guidance

Help and guidance about savings accounts including transferring your existing ISA, changing personal details and bereavement advice.

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Financial Services Compensation Scheme

We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The FSCS can pay compensation to depositors if a building society is unable to meet its financial obligations. Most depositors including most individuals are covered by the scheme.

In respect of deposits, a depositor who is eligible is entitled to claim up to £85,000. For joint accounts each account holder is treated as having a claim in respect of their share so, for a joint account held by two eligible depositors, the maximum amount that could be claimed would be £85,000 each (making a total of £170,000). The limit relates to the combined amount in all the eligible depositor's accounts with the building society, including their share of any joint account, and not to each separate account.

Large companies and small local authorities are also covered by FSCS for compensation up to the limit of £85,000.

Please see our Financial Services Compensation Scheme Information Sheet and Exclusions List which summarises details of the Scheme.

For further information about the compensation provided by the FSCS, see their Guide to how FSCS protect your money or visit Alternatively, you can contact us by calling 0800 093 0002 or ask at your local branch.