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Introducing our new Regular Saver Account

1st July 2022

At Leek United Building Society, we do everything we can to help our members save on a regular basis. Whether you’re looking to save for your next holiday, a new car, or to help with any unexpected bills, opening a savings account gives you the freedom to save at your own pace. That’s why we’ve launched our new Regular Saver!

The Regular Saver Account allows you to save little and often, with an initial deposit of at least £1 and maximum of £500. You can watch your savings grow by adding up to £500 per calendar month to your Account at your convenience.

Opening a savings account is a great first step to becoming more financially stable. Not only does it provide a secure place to store your money, but it allows you to earn interest on your savings. Opening a Regular Saver means you can benefit from a 1.30% Gross AER variable interest rate.

We’re proud to be a local mutual building society serving the local communities across our heartlands. As a local business, you won’t be redirected to a call centre. You can open your Regular Saver Account in your local Leek United branch where you can discuss your saving requirements, or by submitting your application form through the post.

For more information on the Regular Saver and the terms and conditions, visit the below link:

Regular Saver Account



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