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Our Environmental Ambition

17th February 2022

At Leek United Building Society, a key component of our purpose is that we will be socially responsible and make a positive difference to the lives of our customers, colleagues and the local communities in which we operate.  This is particularly important when it comes to managing our impact on the environment and delivering on our commitment to being carbon neutral by 2050.

Ensuring that the impact of climate change is understood and particularly minimising the environmental impact of the Society’s business is of vital importance.

We have:

  • Commissioned an external party to assess the Society’s current carbon emissions and to determine the optimal path to reduce these
  • Undertaken an environmental audit to identify areas where we can make positive changes to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment
  • Employed a specialist management company to ensure the highest proportion of our waste is recycled
  • Deployed energy efficient LED lighting in our branches and Head Office
  • Reduced print volume by maintaining online processes as far as possible


However, this is just the start of our ambitions. In 2022 we will:

  • Develop products to support and incentivise customers who wish to improve the energy efficiency of their own homes, or who are looking to purchase energy efficient properties
  • Establish the carbon emissions associated with our mortgage portfolio and consider what action can be taken to reduce this
  • Work with an independent expert to develop a roadmap for reducing our carbon emissions and implement a carbon offsetting plan for any emissions that are unavoidable
  • Progress the refurbishment of our Head Office. In doing this, we will seek to comprehensively improve the energy efficiency of our operations.
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