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Fun food ideas to entertain the kids

1st June 2020

All kids love to eat, so take a look at our fun food ideas to keep the children busy – and their tummies full!

Foodie window rainbows

One of the lovely things about the current circumstances is the rainbows that people have been putting in their windows as a sign of hope and to show their support for the NHS. So why not translate the idea into food? You could make a rainbow pattern out of coloured sweets, and as a treat, the kids could eat any leftovers. Round waffles cut in half make a great rainbow shape and could be painted with food dye. Or, if you like baking, how about making a cake or some multi-coloured biscuits with a smiley face or colourful icing on top? For a healthy version, you could even try the same idea with different colour vegetables.

Fruit and veg shapes

There are lots of ideas to make sure the kids are getting their quota of fresh fruit and vegetables. How about using cutters to make your fruit and veg into interesting shapes, or creating flowers, birds or animals with different shapes, sizes and colours. Coloured pasta with added vegetable colours such as carrots and broccoli could be another hit.

Healthy pizza

Takeaways are popular at the moment, but why not try and make your own pizza? If you can’t buy a pizza base, you can create it in a variety of ways – naan bread, flatbread, pitta bread or even a wrap base. For the topping, melt some cheese, and use whatever takes your fancy – different meats or fish, sliced tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, mushrooms – the choice is pretty much limitless and the kids can choose whatever they like. It’s also a great way to use up any leftover veg in the fridge.

Picnic at home

Everyone loves a picnic. However, being conscious of the countryside and social distancing, it’s time to get creative with your picnicking! Head out to the garden instead with your picnic box of all the kids’ favourite things to eat. No garden? No problem! You could do the same thing anywhere – balcony, back yard, even the living room.

Growing herbs

It’s always fun to watch something grow, so why not start growing some herbs on the windowsill with the help of the kids. Once they’ve grown, get the kids to cut them and use them to add that extra bit of seasoning into your meals. All you need is some seeds or small herb plants, small pots and a bit of care and attention.

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas to keep the kids entertained. We’ll be back soon with more ideas on keeping the fun times coming.  

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