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4 family ‘days out’ you can enjoy from your own home

4th May 2020

Staying at home can be fun! In recent times, the popularity of videos, live streams and other types of virtual visits has skyrocketed. We’ve given you a little helping hand by putting together our top 4 ‘days out’ ideas:

1. A day at the zoo

Family of animal lovers? Don’t let this period of time come between you and the zoo.

Some of the world’s most prestigious zoos are going online to let you get up close and personal with your favourite animals. Chester Zoo is hosting virtual ‘days out’ on its Facebook channel. And Edinburgh Zoo has webcams in the panda, penguin, tiger and koala enclosures.

2. Dive into history

Schools out and exams have been cancelled, but that’s no reason to stop learning about history. We’re lucky to have some world-class museums in the UK and the British Museum is one of the finest.

Travel back in time using their interactive infographic platform and learn more about the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies and other ancient wonders. You can also gaze up at the museum’s grand glass atrium with this 360-degree tour - a wonderful experience.

3. A night at the theatre

The National Theatre is going to stream a free play every Thursday night from 7pm on their National Theatre at Home YouTube channel. Plays including Jane Eyre, Treasure Island and Twelfth Night will also be available online for a week after the live show.

4. Sistine Chapel without the crowds

Some of the world’s most famous paintings are housed in the Vatican, including the Sistine Chapel ceiling depicting the creation of Adam and other stories from the Book of Genesis.

The Vatican Museums range of virtual tours are perfect way to get a front of the crowd view of Michelangelo’s work and you can admire this for as long as you like!


We hope you enjoyed our top 4 ‘days out’ choices, we will be back soon with more hints, tips and entertainment to help you and your family keep busy.

Image by: Sunny studio/

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