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Product Switch Form

Providing the product switch form is received by the 18th of the month and the Binding Mortgage Variation Acceptance form (signed by all parties to the mortgage) is received by the 25th of the month, the switch will take place on the 1st of the following month. Otherwise the mortgage will revert to Leek United Standard Variable Rate. Please note that where there is a change to term or repayment method, additional supporting documentation will be required. Please refer to our Q&A document or alternatively call us on 0808 281 9309.


Please note that this should be the figure stated on the retention letter provided


Please note that this should be the value stated on the retention letter provided. If you require a re-valuation, please contact the mortgage admin team on 0800 7830 847 before submitting this form.

If there is more than one part to the mortgage, each product will be listed individually in the letter, with that product's respective balance.

If any element of the mortgage is on Interest Only


I can confirm that:

The above company is FCA registered

I am not aware of any FCA enquries

I am sufficiently qualified to offer mortgage advice

My training and development covers financial crime, data protection and MCOB rules

By ticking this box, I confirm that advice has been provided to all parties - that I have their authorisation to obtain relevant information to act on their behalf in relation to this mortgage change request only.