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Our TCF Principles

In pursuing our commitment to fair treatment for all our customers we will be guided by the following ten Principles:

  1. Service Excellence
    We will set, monitor and maintain service standards designed to exceed the expectations of our customers.
  2. Consistent Value
    We will ensure that the benefits of being an efficiently run mutual organisation translate into consistent product value for customers.
  3. Careful Product Design
    When designing new products we will always take full account of the needs and capabilities of our target customers and explore and address the attendant risks.
  4. Customer-centered Sales Processes
    All customer sales will be preceded by suitable advice and/or information, and staff and processes will ensure that individual needs are met.
  5. Clear and Simple Promotions
    All promotional material will be produced in plain language and be clear, fair and not misleading.
  6. Regular Customer Communication
    We will maintain regular and informative after-sales contact with our customers designed to be relevant and attuned to their changing needs.
  7. Verifiable Customer Satisfaction
    We will offer a wide variety of channels for customer feedback.  We will listen and respond.
  8. Efficient Complaints Handling
    We will deal with complaints promptly and sympathetically and we will take action to rectify the underlying causes.
  9. Committed and Expert Staff
    We will recruit, train and develop staff to deliver exceptional customer service based on their total commitment to the concept of fair treatment of customers.
  10. Business Partnerships
    Where we engage with third parties to provide customers with additional services, we will take steps to ensure that they deliver to standards that conform to our own.