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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values


To be the best building society in our heartland.


To excel in meeting the savings and mortgage needs of our members by providing them with high quality, competitive products, outstanding customer service and fair outcomes.

Our Values

The Society believes that a clear and succinct statement of beliefs and values is a vital part of defining the corporate culture of our organisation. This cultural message is seen as the foundation upon which policy, staff attitude, management approach and most importantly good customer outcomes rest.


Members First - We ensure our members are our key focus. We always strive to exceed their expectations. We ensure fair customer outcomes.


Flexibility - We make ourselves accessible by our Members through whatever means they choose.


Teamwork - We work together and collaborate for the good of our Members and to make our work more enjoyable. Working for Leek United and serving our Members is a privilege. But it’s also fun.


Integrity - We adhere strictly to the highest standards of conduct, risk management, ethics and honesty in all that we do.