Welcome to the savings section of our website.  We have a proud heritage of offering excellent value to our savings customers through a broad range of products.  You will find that our products are simple to understand, with no gimmicks and no introductory bonuses that could leave you on a low rate of interest in the future.  Whether you are saving for your next holiday, that special event or as part of your retirement, Leek United has a savings product to help you. 

If you c
an lock your money away for up to three years and can visit one of our branches or agencies then our fixed rate bonds could be for you.  If you want a tax friendly way to save then our excellent value instant access Cash ISA should be right up your street. If you would like to help save lives whilst saving for the future, then take a look at our Air Ambulance account.

Whatever your requirements, we are here to help you make that all important choice.  So why not complete an application form today, the process is both quick and easy.

Please note:  savings accounts are only available to UK residents.


1 year fixed rate bond

A fixed term fixed rate bond that offers a high rate of interest and is available for customers to open in person through our branch and agency network