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Save today for their tomorrow Give your loved one a gift which could help their future - a savings account from Leek United.

When they grow up, what do you hope for your loved one?

None of us can predict what might happen 10 or 20 years from now. But by starting a savings plan early, you could help them get the future they deserve.

It might help cover their university fees, travel the world, to help start their own business or for the deposit on their first home.

Whatever their plans are for the future, a Leek United savings account could help provide that extra bit of financial help to set them on their way.

Humphrey Club (ages 0-9)

Give your child a head start in their financial future.
Benefit from a 1.00% Gross*/1.00% AER** variable interest rate.


Pyramid Max (ages 9-19)

Save for their future with this easy access account.
Benefit from a 1.00% Gross*/AER** variable interest rate.

Junior Cash ISA

Junior Cash ISA (ages 0-18)

Our Junior Cash ISA allows your child to earn tax-free interest with no withdrawals until they reach the age of 18.
Benefit from a 1.75% Gross*/AER** variable interest rate.


Stoke City Football Club Junior Save and Support Account (ages 0-18)

The Stoke City Football Club Junior Save and Support Account allows your child to save whilst supporting their football club.
Benefit from a 0.25% Gross*/AER** variable interest rate.


*Gross rate of interest is the interest rate payable before any income tax is deducted (if you do pay tax).
**AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.

savings useful information

Useful information

Support for new and existing members. Information on our fees & charges, interest rates, the FSCS and FAQs.

how to apply for your new account

How to apply

Our team is on hand to help you open an account with Leek United by post or in branch. Read more about how to open an account today.


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