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Leek By Post

Here at Leek United we understand that some of our customers are not able to access our branch or agency network.  So, to ensure we can provide a top quality service to all our customers, we have developed ‘Leek by Post’ which allows us to effectively administer any of our savings accounts using the postal service.

Although Leek United is a regional building society, we do allow customers living outside our operational areas of Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire to open savings accounts.  

However, there are occasions when some of our accounts may only be opened by customers living within our operational area.  If this is the case, it will be clearly highlighted on the relevant terms and conditions.


What ‘Leek by Post’ offers:

• Choose from any account in our current savings range, unless the individual product terms and conditions indicate that the account can only be opened within our operations areas of Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire.

• Once the account is open, you will receive free postal transactions.

• Any transaction you make will be processed on the day of receipt (except weekends).

• Standing Orders can be paid into any of your accounts (unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions).

• Direct Debits can be operated from our Easy Access Pyramid Share account.

• We have a dedicated helpline for account information.

• Free replacement pre-paid stationery will be forwarded to you (by post) after each transaction.


How to open your ‘Leek by Post’ savings account

1.    Choose which account(s) you wish to open.

2.    These terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with our ‘Statement of Practice for Investors’ web page which details generic terms and conditions relating to all our saving accounts.

3.    Complete and sign the relevant savings application form(s) which can be found on our ‘Savings Application Forms’ web page.

4.    Proof of identity is required for all applicants before we can open an account.  Please see our ‘Proving your Identity web page for full details. 

5.    Decide on the amount* you wish to deposit and forward your cheque† and completed documentation mentioned above to any of our branch offices or Savings Department at head office.





Check before you post –

Have you enclosed:

• Completed and signed application Form(s)

• Proof of identity (if applicable)


How to use ‘Leek by Post’ once your account has been opened:

Paying in:


2.    Send your cheque(s) and passbook in the pre-paid envelope provided. Cheques should be made payable to the name of the account holder and not to Leek United.

3.    The deposit will be recorded in your passbook and the passbook returned to you together with a transaction request form and a pre-paid envelope.

Once your application has been received, we will reply within three working days.


Setting up a Standing Order for deposits

1.  Complete and sign a Standing Order form by printing one off the website or using the one forwarded to you when you opened your ‘Leek by Post’ account.

Please remember to write your savings account number in the boxes provided on the form.

2.  Send the completed form direct to your bank.


Making withdrawals

Please note:  Withdrawals can be made by cheque only.  Cheques paid into your account must be invested for at least six banking days before withdrawals can be made against them.  See the ‘Statement of Practice for Investors’ web page for further details.

1. Complete the withdrawal section of the transaction request form forwarded to you when opening your account.

2.  If you have a notice account, and want to make a penalty free withdrawal by giving us notice, you need to initial the relevant section of the withdrawal request form. 

Your withdrawal will be made after the required notice period. If this section is not initialled, we will make your withdrawal immediately and charge interest according to the terms of the individual product terms and conditions.

3.  If more than one cheque is required please attach an explanatory note to your request.

4.  If more than one signature is required to operate this account, all account holders MUST sign the withdrawal form.

5.  Send the completed transaction request form and your passbook in the pre-paid envelope provided.

6.  The withdrawal(s) will be recorded in your passbook. The passbook and cheque(s) will be returned to you, together with a replacement transaction request form and a prepaid envelope.


How to Change Your Address

Please write to us confirming your account number, name and new address, then sign it and forward to your local branch or head office at 50 St Edward Street, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 5DL. Alternatively you can change your address in any of our branches.

You must produce evidence of your new address if we ask to see it.

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