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Court of Protection

You can apply to become someone’s deputy if they lack mental capacity – this means they can’t make a decision for themselves at the time it needs to be made.

This can be because

  • They have had a serious brain injury or illness
  • They have dementia
  • They have severe learning disabilities

As a deputy you will be authorised by the Court of Protection to make decisions on their behalf.

When you are appointed, you will be sent a “court order” telling what you can and can’t do as a deputy.

To register the court order document with us

  1. Make an appointment at your local branch and ensure you bring the original court order so we can take a copy for our records
  2. If you have no access to a local branch contact a member of Savings Department on 0808 281 9308. You can download our Court of Protection Registration Form by clicking here.

If you are an existing or new customer we will carry out relevant identification checks on the donor and yourself. You should bring along original documents for proof of identification; a list of acceptable identification is detailed in our Proving Your Identity leaflet.

Please ensure that all current passbooks are brought to the appointment in order for the accounts to be updated.

The completed documents will be forwarded to our Head Office and our records updated within 14 days. You will receive confirmation in writing that the registration process is complete.