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Virtual Member Forum Success!

18th March 2021

Leek United Building Society extended its heartfelt thanks to its members who were able to join them for their first virtual Member Forum with the key theme of meeting the needs of vulnerable customers.

The forum saw several Society members attend the meeting via telephone and video chat to receive an update about the Society’s strategy, along with a more in-depth discussion around vulnerable customers and ways in which the Society could do more for them.

The format of the meeting was informal and high-spirited, providing an opportunity to share an overview of the Society’s strategy. The session also included an update on current projects such as the development of a charitable foundation and the launch of online savings.

Members in attendance were forthcoming with their feedback and praise in equal measure. It was evident that the branch network was valued by both the young as well as those advanced in years, not only for the products and services available, but the support that is on hand by ‘friendly and familiar’ faces.

It was clear that the various lockdowns and restrictions has taken its toll on everyone, vulnerable customers especially. Participants were comforted by the measures that Leek United have undertaken to support its members in recent times which include virtual meetings held by video and calls to its most vulnerable to find out if any additional support was required during lockdown. Conversations surrounding processes and procedures were met with positive reflections that described Leek United Building Society staff having ‘can do attitudes’ and ‘always treating members as individuals’.

Meeting host, Andy Armitage, Director of Customer Services at Leek United Building Society, said “The meeting was the highlight of my week. It was great to connect directly with our members to really understand their thoughts about their Society and what more we can do for them. We have exciting plans for the future, and it was really insightful to get direct feedback from those we serve. One member was kind enough to share her experience of being the partner of someone who might be categorised as vulnerable and it’s this kind of insight that really helps us continue to develop the exceptional service our members have come to expect’.

Member feedback was in abundance. One attendee to the meeting was pleased to learn of the online savings project, happy to share her insight into best practice and agreed to be a part of the Society’s pilot planned for later this year. Another member shared his pride in being a part of a Society that was very much placed at the ‘heart of its community’.

Any members of the Society who would like to be part of future sessions, please contact the Society via their website or by calling 0800 093 0004.

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