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Society helps to 'save' the local economy

6th March 2018

Leek United is going ‘totally local’ to encourage savers and shoppers to – quite literally – put their money into its home town economy.

The Society has launched a special savings account aimed at raising awareness of the importance of independent retailers in its own Staffordshire Moorlands heartland.

And every pound that customers save in the ‘Totally Locally Leek’ Affinity Account (link here) will help to support the ongoing Totally Locally Leek campaign, to ensure the town remains a vibrant place to live, work and shop.   

Totally Locally Leek estimate that if every person living in the Leek area spent just £5 per week in their local independent shops, instead of online or at the big supermarkets, it would be worth an extra £4.1 million a year going into the local economy.

“One sign of how successful our campaign has been in Leek is the number of empty shop units: when we launched seven years ago, over 15% of town centre shop units were empty; today, it’s closer to just 6%,” said Totally Locally Leek founder Marc Briand.

“It’s brilliant to have an organisation like Leek United behind us, because the Society’s whole ethos of supporting their local community is so closely aligned to our own.”

The Totally Locally Leek Affinity Account officially launched on Sunday, 4 February, during Totally Locally’s monthly ‘Sunday Supplement’ outdoor artisan market in the town.

Staff from Leek United’s St Edward Street Branch were on hand to chat to shoppers about the new initiative, as well as running a free prize draw to win a hamper of goodies.

And to help support the Totally Locally Leek Affinity Account and local traders, the Society also plans to open its St Edward Street/Derby Street Branch once a month, to coincide with Totally Locally Leek’s Sunday Supplement market.

Leek United Chief Executive Kevin Wilson said: “The local communities we serve are at the heart of everything we do as a mutual, and we are very proud to be supporting Totally Locally Leek.

“This initiative isn’t just about encouraging people to shop at local independent retailers once a month on a Sunday; they need support every single day of every week, to help Leek to remain a vibrant, exciting and successful community.

“We are very excited to be playing a part in supporting and encouraging our local businesses in this way.”

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