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A lesson in saving from Leek United

24th February 2016

The Society’s visit to The Crescent Academy in Meir, Stoke-on-Trent, was aimed at teaching youngsters how to get into good financial habits from an early age.

And after listening to a special presentation, some of the children took the message to heart straightaway by opening their own savings accounts.

“Our children are the next generation of savers and homebuyers, so it’s particularly important that they understand how to build a healthy financial future for themselves from an early age,” said Clare Beardmore, Leek United’s Marketing & Products Manager.

“If they can get into the habit of regular saving now, then it can only benefit them in later life, whatever their hopes and plans are…”

Clare attended The Crescent Academy with the Society’s Hanley Branch Manager, Dan Berrisford, and Leek United mascot Humphrey the Camel, who handed out goody bags to pupils following the morning presentation.

Lisa Steele, Business Enterprise Co-ordinator at the school, said: “Our Business Enterprise projects try to teach our pupils good, basic business sense – such as why it’s usually better to save for things than having a loan. Clare and Dan’s presentation helped to reinforce that message and was really useful and informative for the children.”

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