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Stop and think to fight fraud!

26th June 2018

We recognise it’s our responsibility to safeguard the personal and financial information we hold on our customers.

That’s why we ensure our systems and procedures are robust to keep our customers’ data secure and private.

We are also supporting the Take Five to Stop Fraud campaign to combat fraud, led by Financial Fraud Action UK, the UK Government and the banking industry.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud yourself, there are three key points to remember:

  1. Only give out your personal or financial details to services and people you trust and are expecting to be contacted by. A genuine bank, building society or other organisation will never contact you to ask for your PIN or password, or to ask you to move money to another account.

  2. Never automatically click on a link or download a file from an unexpected email or text. This a common method used by fraudsters to install ‘snooping’ software on people’s computers, or to trick people into revealing their personal or financial details.

  3. Always be suspicious of uninvited approaches. If someone telephones you out of the blue and asks about your financial details, politely hang up and check with the organisation directly yourself, using a known email or phone number. If the call was genuine, they’ll be pleased you contacted them.

Safeguarding your personal and financial information

Other steps you can take to reduce the risk of fraud include:

  • Shred or destroy bank statements, utility bills and other documents that contain personal details when you no longer need them.

  • Keep your sensitive documents, like bank/credit cards, building society passbooks, passport and driving licence, in a secure place.

  • Do not allow anyone else to use your bank or credit card, password or PIN.

  • Do not keep your cheque book and bank/credit cards together.

Keeping your Leek United accounts safe

  • Report any lost or stolen passbooks to us immediately on 0808 281 9308 or call into any branch.

  • Regularly check that you have your passbooks in your possession.

  • Always tell us as soon as possible if you change your name, address, telephone number or email address.

  • Never include your full personal details in an email to us or anyone else.

You can learn more about fraud and how to protect yourself on the Take Five to Stop Fraud website.

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