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Society's success to the power of Year 10

27th July 2016

INDUSTRIOUS youngsters proved they have what it takes to succeed in the world of work with some expert help and encouragement from Leek United.

The Society was one of 10 local organisations to take part in an ‘Industry Day’ at Cheadle Academy in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Year 10 pupils were assigned to the companies in groups of 10, then set a series of teambuilding and problem-solving challenges, quizzes and tasks.

And the team led by Leek United came out top on the day – even composing and performing on stage a song about the Society to the tune of the hit TV series ‘Friends’ theme!

“The school has run its Industry Day annually for around 15 years now,” said Adrian Harding, Head of Key Stage 4 and Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) officer at Cheadle Academy.

“Its main purpose is to help students develop some of the ‘employability skills’ they will need in the world of work, and the whole day is designed to have a strong competitive element, because it’s a competitive world out there!

“We try to provide organisations representative of a wide range of sectors – such as industry, manufacturing, the military and financial – so that our young people can also gain some insight into some of the companies they might be interested in eventually working for.”

Emma Bogdanski and Charlotte Wood from Leek United’s HR Department joined Y10 pupils to form the Society’s winning team, helping them to work through problem scenarios which included being stranded on the Moon!

Charlotte said: “The whole day was great fun, and really encouraged the students to work as a team, think differently and pull together to achieve results – which is exactly what the culture at Leek United is.”

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