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New rates for borrowers and savers

17th September 2018

LEEK United has announced an increase in its interest rates for borrowers and savers.

Less than half of the Society’s mortgage customers will be affected by the rise in Standard Variable Rate (SVR), which takes effect from 1st October 2018.

Meanwhile, the majority of the Society’s savers will benefit from increases of up to 0.25% on their Accounts from 2nd October.

The rate increases follow the Bank of England’s recent decision to raise the base rate by 0.25%, the second upward rise in interest rates in 12 months.

John Kelly, the Society’s Operations Director, said: “We are pleased to pass on the benefits of the recent base rate rise to the majority of our Savings Members, who can look forward to an improved return on their money.

“At the same time, we are mindful that the rate change also has implications for our mortgage Members; they have our assurance that we will continue to provide them with competitive, value-for-money products at rates that are both fair and sustainable.

“We are now in the process of contacting all customers who face changes to their monthly mortgage payments. However, for those who may be concerned about what the changes will mean for them, we are here to offer the best possible advice and support.

“Our Qualified Mortgage Advisers will be happy to discuss all options with them, customers can contact their local Branch, and additional information.”

Leek United’s young savers receive the full benefit of the change, with a 0.25% boost to rates on Humphrey, Pyramid Max and JISA accounts; meanwhile, the rate on lower-tier Instant Access Accounts increases by 0.15%, and by 0.05% at the higher tiers. 

There will be no increases to the Society’s ISA, Regular Savings Accounts which are already competitive within the market.

Only those borrowers on variable rate mortgage products linked to Leek United’s SVR will be affected by the rate change; rates and monthly mortgage payments will remain the same for customers with fixed rate mortgages.


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