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Air Ambulance fundraising soars again

17th June 2016

SAVERS have helped Leek United Building Society to make its single biggest ever donation to charity.

A cheque for £40,510.37 has been handed over to the helicopter-based life-savers of the County Air Ambulance Trust.

The sum was made possible thanks to the Society’s popular Air Ambulance Affinity Account – sending the total directly raised for the Trust by Leek United and its account holders soaring to more than £125,000 since the account first launched in 2008.

Paul Harris, Director and Company Secretary of the County Air Ambulance Trust, said: “We are proud and enormously grateful to be teamed up with Leek United, who have been supporting us for many years now.

“We would ask people to open an Air Ambulance Trust Affinity Account, which will enable them to contribute to our support of air ambulance operational services whilst earning interest on their own savings. For every £100 saved, Leek United donates £1 to the Trust.”

Leek United’s latest donation will go towards the County Air Ambulance Trust’s ‘Golden Hour’ Appeal, which funds vital air ambulance operational services and infrastructure projects across the Central and Avon regions.

The annual running costs of keeping three helicopters airborne and providing a life-saving service in the Midlands is £7 million, and the Appeal’s title is a reference to the fact that in an emergency airlift every second counts.

Kevin Wilson, Leek United’s Chief Executive, presented the cheque to Paul Harris and Carol Follos, the Trust’s Head of Administration, at RAF Cosford in Shropshire, where one of the three red Air Ambulance helicopters serving the Midlands is based.

Kevin said: “It is impossible to put a value on the life-saving service that the Air Ambulance provides, and we originally chose to support the Trust because it has the widest possible relevance and importance to all the communities we serve.

“We are, therefore, delighted to be able to continue our long-standing support of the County Air Ambulance Trust, along with the help of our Affinty Account savers.”

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