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Overwhelming vote of confidence for Leek United

26th April 2019

LEEK United has received an overwhelming vote of confidence from members, following the Society’s 2019 Annual General Meeting.

A total of 6,969 members – 14% of the eligible voting membership – cast their votes at the AGM, which was held at Leek Cricket Club on Wednesday, 24 April.

The vote followed what Chief Executive Andrew Healy described as ‘a strong financial performance in an extremely challenging market’ for Leek United during 2018 – which he said ‘positions the Society well for the future’.

Resolutions proposed and voted on at the AGM were as follows:

  1. To receive the 2018 Report and Accounts, which was passed with a majority of 98.98%
  2. To appoint KPMG as auditors, which was passed with a majority of 96.25%
  3. To approve the Directors’ Remuneration report, which was passed with a majority of 94.39%
  4. To re-elect Keith Abercromby to the Board, which was passed with a majority of 97.34%
  5. To elect Andrew Healy to the Board, which was passed with a majority of 95.54%
  6. To re-elect John Leveson to the Board, which was passed with a majority of 97.40%

Chief Executive Andrew Healy said: “It is very gratifying to see so many members taking an active interest and role in the way their Society is run.

“They have our assurance that Leek United remains as committed as ever to putting their interests, and the safety and soundness of the Society, first and foremost, as we continue to provide all that our customers should rightly expect from a strong and independent building society.”

Two North Staffordshire charities will also benefit following the AGM as Leek United pledges 20p for every vote cast. As a result, the Douglas Macmillan Hospice and the Donna Louise Trust – both based in Stoke-on-Trent – will share a donation of £1,390.20.

And in a separate survey – part of the Society’s member engagement programme – 89% of members said they were so pleased with the service offered by Leek United that they would be happy to recommend it to family and friends.

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