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A taste of financial freedom for Society saver…

1st November 2019

SAVER Claire Eagles-Burrows is all set to enjoy a taste of financial freedom – thanks to Leek United.

She is the winner of the equivalent of 12 months’ mortgage payments – the prize in a draw for all customers opening a new savings account with the Society during the summer.

Claire opened a County Air Ambulance Trust Affinity Account*, and her name was then picked out at random to earn her £6,930** - the biggest single cash prize ever offered by Leek United.

A delighted Claire received a cheque for the amount from the Society’s Operations Director John Kelly at her local branch in Ironmarket, Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Also at the presentation were Lesley Knight from the County Air Ambulance HELP Appeal, and Leek United’s Newcastle Branch Manager, Lisa Worth.

Claire, 35, of Newcastle, said: “I’ve been a lifelong saver with Leek United since I was little, and decided to open an Air Ambulance account in September because it’s a charity very close to my heart.

“A couple of weeks later, I had a ‘phone call to say that I’d won the prize draw – I couldn’t believe it!

“The money will be such a massive help; it means that the mortgage is taken care of for a while, and I can now think about possibly changing the car too…”

Handing over the cheque, John said: “We all dream of enjoying a little financial freedom, and we very much hope that this prize represents just that for Claire.

“We’re also delighted she chose to open one of our popular County Air Ambulance accounts – giving her automatic entry to the draw ­– which means the Trust receives additional support from us each year, too.” 

Lesley Knight added: “We are very grateful to Claire and others who choose to open a County Air Ambulance Trust Affinity Account with Leek United. These donations are vital in helping us to support air ambulance operations in the region, most recently through the introduction of its critical care cars and building lifesaving hospital helipads close to Leek United’s customers.”


*To find out more about the County Air Ambulance Trust Affinity Account and other Leek United savings products, visit:

**The cash prize has been determined using the UK Finance statistical data supplied by Bank of England via Haver Analytics, which indicates that at the end of 2018 the average UK mortgage was £128,805. This amount was being repaid at an interest rate of 2.49% over 25 years with monthly payments of £577.19 x 12 months giving an annual repayment of £6,926.28.  The actual final figure to be paid to the winner will be rounded up to the nearest £10 giving a prize of £6,930.

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