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Qualified Professional Advice

All Mortgage Advisers at Leek United are fully qualified to offer free, no-obligation, advice on the type of mortgage most suitable for your purposes. They will ensure that the mortgage you wish to apply for is affordable and appropriate for both your current and future circumstances.

One of our Qualified Mortgage Advisers will carry out a comprehensive interview, either face to face in one of our branch offices or over the telephone via the Direct Sales team at our Customer Service Centre. Either way, you can be assured of a professional service with your best interests at the heart of the discussion.

At Leek United, we do not use call centres or processing centres and all cases are allocated to a specific Qualified Mortgage Adviser and Mortgage Processor. This means that you will be dealing with same people at any one time (expect, of course, for holidays when cases are briefed in full so another Mortgage Adviser/Processor can deal with any queries you raise).

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