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Illness and Mental Wellbeing

Illness and mental wellbeing

We understand in life you can experience different challenges at any point and everyone’s circumstances are different. We want to let you know we’re here to support you.


We’re were to help

We’re here to support you at any point and through difficult times. We can speak to you about your finances over the phone or in your local branch. We will be able to offer advice and support on your circumstances and if we’re not able to help you directly, we will recommend a trustworthy third party who would be able to help.

How else can we help?

  • It’s important you feel safe and at ease when discussing your personal circumstances, that’s why we offer private room appointments within our branches with no time limit.
  • We also allow you time to consider and reflect on your options. You might want to take the advice we have given you away and come back when you’re ready. We’re happy to give you the time and space you may need.
  • You’re also welcome to have a close family member or friend present during discussions, they can help and support you through your savings or mortgage process.