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At Leek United, we consider each customer’s individual circumstances and where a need is identified, strive to provide appropriate support and achieve fair treatment and good outcomes for customers. We make sure our staff have the right skills and capabilities to recognise and respond to how we may be able to help.

We understand there are many reasons you might reach out for assistance and that the help you may require can sometimes relate to your personal circumstances. Whether it's due to permanent or temporary personal factors, life events or wider circumstances, whatever the reason, please let us know if there is something we can do to help make things easier for you.

Ask us for help

Ask us for help

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Supporting aids

Supporting aids

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Protecting customers is a key priority and it’s important that we're aware of any challenges you face in order to recognise if you need further help and support with any of our services. Support may include:

> Time
It is important that you are allowed sufficient time to reflect on your options. Please do let us know if you require more time.

> Friends or family
You may wish to have a close family member or friend present who can help guide you.

> Power of Attorney
If you feel that you may not be able to make financial decisions by yourself in the future, it may be worth discussing the benefits of having Power of Attorney in place. Ask us for more information about Power of Attorney.

We have a number of important features to ensure our customers feel fully supported including:

> Large, heavy weight pens
Supporting those with tremors, Parkinsons, carpal tunnel, arthritis or fine motor skill issues.

> Dyslexia colour blindness overlays
Supporting those with dyslexia, colour blindness or scotopic sensitivity¹ with the use of coloured overlays to improve readability.

> Magnification overlays
Large and small overlays to support those with sight impairment.

> Clipboards
Keeps documents steady for customers when using in our informal zones of our branches that don’t have tables.

> Documents in large print, braille or audio CD
If you would like any of Leek United’s documents in large print, audio or braille, please let our team know and we can arrange this for you.


¹Scotopic sensitivity is related to difficulties with light source, glare, luminance, wave length, and black/white contrast.

Considerations across our branch network

We want our members to feel confident that their Society is inclusive and supportive. Read about the considerations we've taken across our branch network to help achieve this and click on any of the below icons to view our branches.

Wheelchair friendly

Where possible, we make our spaces wheelchair friendly and flexible to carry out the majority of functions required within branch. If the branch is wheelchair friendly, the entrances are clear, open and easy to navigate.


There is T-Loop functionality provided in every branch to ensure the environment is as inclusive as possible for visitors who may be hard of hearing.


Appropriate lighting has been specified in all areas of our branches to ensure the light levels are sufficient for the tasks being carried out.

Interview rooms

Our interview rooms offer a more private setting for our customers. Further enhancements, such as large screens which can help with with enlarging visuals, are considered during refurbishment plans and best endeavors to meet your needs.

Skilled staff

Our staff at Leek United are trained with the right skills and capability to recognise and respond to how we may be able to help. We want all our members to feel comfortable asking us for help if ever they need it.


We always aim to make our literature clear and as easy to understand as possible. If you'd like any of Leek United's documents in large print, audio or braille, please let our team know or complete the Contact Form below and we can arrange this for you.

If you'd like to notify us of any additional support you need, simply let us know below or call 0800 093 0004.