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2018 Annual General Meeting

Leek United Building Society would like to thank all members who participated in the 2018 Annual General Meeting vote and for the overwhelming support you have given to the Board's recommendations.

This year 6,990 members voted, which represents 14.80% of the eligible voting membership and a 11.57% increase over 2017.

As our members will be aware, we pledged to donate 20p for every vote cast.  As a result of this, we are pleased to confirm that a donation of £1,398 will be split between the Douglas Macmillan Charity and the Donna Louise Trust.

For your information, the results of the resolutions proposed at the AGM on the 25 April 2018 are shown below:


Ordinary Resolutions For Against Abstain Spoilt Majority
To receive the 2017 Report and Accounts 6,854 53 67 16 99.23%
To appoint KPMG as auditors 6,666 201 107 16 97.07%
To approve the Director's Remuneration report for the year ended 31 December 2017 6,425 395 154 16


Ordinary Resolutions for the Re-Election/Election of Directors          
To re-elect Rachel Court 6,712 164 98 16 97.61%
To elect John Kelly 6,661 191 122 16 97.21%
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