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Training and Development

Leek United recognises the important contribution that the training and development of staff has to the Society's continuing growth, efficiency and profitability.

The Society's success is largely due to the effectiveness and commitment of all staff and it is recognised that training and development is crucial to achieve high performance standards.

The overall purpose of training and development at Leek United is to develop a highly skilled, motivated and professional workforce by enabling and encouraging employees to work to their full potential, thereby supporting the Society. Our ethos of encouraging internal promotion ensures that training and development is seen as a key investment which supports future succession planning.

Our Approach to Identifying Training & Development Needs

All training and development needs are identified at 3 levels:

1. Organisational
High level and linked to the overall business objectives

2. Occupational
Job specific e.g. changes to regulations and systems

3. Individual
Linked to personal performance and contained in an individual Personal Development Plan

On the job training

We regard this method as being effective when learning new skills within a particular role. It is used to develop skills from scratch or by enhancing existing skills through the knowledge of others. A variety of methods are used which includes coaching and job shadowing alongside experienced staff.

Off the job training

We run many internal and external courses, workshops and seminars which help staff to improve their knowledge and skills as well as providing useful networking opportunities.


Our Induction Programme is delivered to all new recruits and takes approximately 12 weeks to complete. Each new recruit has a mentor to assist them with settling into the Society as well as assisting them with other 'on the job' training.

Computer based training is an efficient and effective method of broadening knowledge and study can be carried out in a wide variety of locations, at times to suit the individual and Society.

Self-development is always encouraged. This development may take the form of a secondment to another role/project or involve study for a professional qualification – the aim is to always broaden the individuals experience and provide new challenges for the future.

A Personal Development Review scheme is operated which provides each employee with the opportunity to discuss job performance and career development with their Line Manager. The review results in an individually written Personal Development Plan which forms the basis of each employees training and development for that particular year.

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