2011 Shrovetide Results – 2 all draw

With two goals each from four goal scorers the Up'ards and Down'ards during this year's Shrovetide did not fail to excite the crowds. 

The first goal of 2011 came from Down'ard Adrian Webb, aged 39, who lives in Ashbourne with his wife Allison and two daughters Ellie and Emily.  He said "The girls are very keen on Shrovetide, that's what spurred me on a bit because they always, every year, say ‘are you going to bring us a ball back dad?' So I'm delighted I did." 

Mr Webb's Shrove Tuesday goal was logged at Clifton 10 minutes before the 5pm deadline, allowing a second turn-up at 5.40pm.  Less than an hour later a second goal came from Up'ard Richard Goodall. 

Self-employed Richard, who lives with his partner, Tammy, in Mayfield, said: "It was like a dream come true for me. It's a boyhood dream - very surreal, you just can't describe the feeling."   With a 1-1 draw ending the Tuesday game, there was all to play for on Ash Wednesday, and the Down'ards capitalised on their Shrove Tuesday play with a goal an hour and a half later. 

Simon Betteridge got the leather to Clifton and returned to the Green Man to be hailed as scorer by his father, and Shrovetide Committee secretary Mick Betteridge.  Simon, who lives in Dig Street with his partner Lucy, is an architectural technologist. He said "My eyes must have been the size of dinner plates running into the goal and knowing I was going to score it.  It was just brilliant. It was extra special to come in and be hailed by my dad. I gave him a big hug as I came in." Simon's goal prompted the fourth and final turn-up of this year's Shrovetide game, which was followed by a long Up'ard struggle in and out of the River Henmore towards Sturston.  The struggle paid off, when 22-year-old runner, Simon ‘Syco' Fisher became the first in his family to retain the prized leather. 

Simon, who lives with his mum and dad in Belper Road, said: "When I was running down the lane I just thought ‘this is my ball.' It was an amazing moment." 

With unprecedented levels of crowds, the players, spectators and goal-scorers will remember Shrovetide 2011 for years to come.